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Book release : Tales of The Deep South

18 novembre 2018 Général
Initially on the United States for historical researches about the 1920s, Christophe (writer) & Edouard (photographer), from France, visited a lot of locations in Mississippi and in Louisiana.
They decided to share their discoveries and in September 2018, they released Tales of the Deep South (Plaisir & Valeur d’Histoire publishing, Switzerland – http://www.plaisirvaleurdhistoire.com/site/wordpress/), mixing a travel guide with a photography book.
From Lafayette to Clarksdale, from the DeRidder Hanging Jail to the Blue Front Cafe, from Cocodrie to the Windsor Ruins, from Rodney to New Orleans, they share their knowledge, feelings and pictures of every place they explored around the southern Mississippi River.
The book is only in french, but maybe, next year, an english release might be possible…

Le livre Deep South est enfin arrivée !

Pour en avoir un, vous pouvez me contacter, aller à la librairie Mille Pages à Vincennes ou bientôt via notre site : http://www.plaisirvaleurdhistoire.com/site/wordpress/

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